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Okay this thread is one some other forums I use (i'm actually thecreator on two of them). Bascially everytime to put something post here! Images are best but just text is okay. Smilie

So i'll start off: Today I got these:

Image for

Image for

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European Version is out tomorrow.

( Edited 27.03.2008 18:31 by shiptoncraig )

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Sorry, can't do graphics.
I bought No More Heroes and brawl.
I derided the wireless nunchuk I saw that makes it a foot long. But today I saw another setup that turns the nunchuk into a crescent shape. Kinda like wearing brass knuckles. And at $15CAD it looks like a definite geek purchase for me.

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Image for

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I love the "TBC" age rating. As if it'll be anything other than 18 Smilie

shiptoncraig said:
Image for

European Version is out tomorrow.


I didn't know that, tell me whats it's like after you get it please? Smilie

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In the last couple of weeks, I\'ve bought...
Wii Freeloader+Brawl (US import)
One Piece: Unlimited Adventure (Wii, US import)
NiGHTS (Wii)
Resident Evil 0 (\'Cube)
Beyond Good and Evil (\'Cube)
Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
Final Fantasy III (DS)

Got most of them pretty damn cheap. Smilie

( Edited 27.03.2008 21:53 by Ikana )

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I got eternal sonata a while back for

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

As of late i have purchased

Call Of Duty 4
Mario Sonic At the Olympics
Sega Superstars Tennis

I have been looking around, but nothing has really caught my eye, im off to spain on sunday and thats costing a bomb. So really saving the remainder of my pennies for Mario Kart and Brawl.

EDIT: As for Naruto clash of the Ninja game on Wii it really sucks...according to the ever reliable gamespot. However i believe them on this one because the Japanese version is based on the events on the newer Shippuden eps but the European one is based on the first 100 episodes or so. Aparently almost identical to the Geiktou Ninjia taisen series which appeared on the GC (they are great games by the way, got them on import)

If u have a freeloader i\'d strongly reccomend getting the JAP version

( Edited 28.03.2008 00:10 by Flynnie )

Image for

That and also teh Orange Box on Steam are my most recent purchases.

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Image for

Great game.Smilie

i just bought:
no more heores
bleach:shattered blade
phoenix wright 1

Image for

I've been waiting for this for a month awesome magazine. Smilie

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Best/most hyped gaming purchase of my entire life:

Image for

Smilie I could not be more happy!

Well actually, I could. Once my AS Levels are done and it's summer, I'll say the same thing again, and it'll be TRUE. Smilie

I also bought:

Image for


Image for

APOLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also awesome)

That's it, though I'm half planning on buying Bomberman on DS/Wii and No More Heroes. They're in my "Not sure" list atm.

And I'd prolly buy Narutaru if it was cheaper.

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Such a smart move

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Okay well that Naruto DS game I got is officially shit I might return it tomorrow. I had the choice between that and Metroid Prime Hunters so i'l change for that. Smilie

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I just recantly bought Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: Ocerina of Time for the GC which comes bunndeled with The Legend of Zelda: Ocerina of Time Master Quest (It was a limted time offer that you got if you suscribed to a magazing. I found it at a used game store).

I have to catch up on all of the games that I sold. They're classic.

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Image for


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ok for starters I bought Super Smash Bros Brawl

Image for

This game is a must buy game its just so awesome Smilie

Next is the Wii Freeloader

Image for

Works perfectly even with my imported GC games.

A new SD card is what I needed for my wii so I purchased this

Image for

And last I needed a wii point card to get some alltime old classics.

Image for
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(It's taken over my life)
Image for

Image for

Image for

Pre order. I get 500 free Microsoft points and some gamer pictures for preordering too. Smilie

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L said:

Image for

Does it have as many characters as Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4?
Can you use the GameCube controller?
Is it any good?

Considering importing it. Smilie

( Edited 31.03.2008 12:42 by Ikana )

3DS Friend Code: 4425-1453-7061

Preordered GTA4. Special edition, delivery for release,

Ikana said:
L said:

Image for

Does it have as many characters as Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4?
Can you use the GameCube controller?
Is it any good?

Considering importing it. Smilie

I think Ninja Taisen 4 had a little more characters but I'm not sure. I've only got sasuke on.
Yes you can use the gamecube controller
I thinks it's pretty good, it's a lot smoother than Ninja Taisen 4 but not much has changed.

Just got Animal Crossing: Wide World in the discount bin at a local video store. It was easily half the price of the similarly 'used' game at EB Games.

I played the Gamecube version until I had my mansion fully built and paid off. I hope this DS version has great legs

Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not. Fear not.

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