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Mental amount of games spending from me in 2017!

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Ugh. More deals and I can't help but buy. This one's a tenner at Shopto atm.

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I've heard a lot of good things about Dishonoured! That should be fun.

This is the time of the cycle that I pick up games for the outgoing system, the WiiU has got plenty of classics waiting to be purchased.

I've still not bought Mario Maker yet (i'm convinced it'll make its way to the Switch) but i've the special edition with amiibo and artbook for $19! It's just a shame that none of the stores around me stock it! 

EDIT: Been thinking about it too much and caved, purchased the 3DS version!

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( Edited 26.05.2017 02:25 by Flynnie )

Azuardo said:
He's gone Xbox crazy! Just bought this lot for £30. Very happy with that deal.

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I guess buying these Xbox games doesn't seem so bad now that they can be played on all the Xbox's!

I'm not sure how it works tho. I was under the impression they are making OG Xbox games available digitally on Xbox One, not that you can run your OG Xbox discs themselves in the XONE system. But maybe I'm wrong? Even if it's just making them digitally available on the XONE, it's still pretty sweet.

Oh yeah, I got this for a fiver loool.

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I thought they said it would take the discs. It'll probably work similar to how the 360 games work. So you put the disc in and it downloads the game digitally for free. 

EDIT: I still have to get around to playing Zero and Guard! I bought the special edition and not yet played it!

( Edited 14.06.2017 23:39 by Flynnie )

Just read that the discs will work. That's impressive tbh. Good job I got those DOA classics indeed! You know - just in case I randomly get an Xbox One for no reason at all haha (unlikely).

Well it does play pretty much most games released on the XBOX platforms now Smilie

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