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I can understand it for Smash. I hammered it for review purposes, but the adventure mode was disappointing for me with the lack of cutscenes and any sort of attempted context. The craziness of crossovers is the best thing, and they didn't use it to its advantage or play up on that. The lack of lore/descriptions on the spirits too was extremely disappointing. Still an excellently made game, but reiterating my comments on the review, it is lacking and felt rushed.

I've been away a while....2 years in fact!

I've also been cutting back on my game purchasing with some landscape gardening to pay for etc. Picked up a grey JP Saturn and a copy of Outrun (which doesn't run on the mk2 Saturn - the white model). Picked up a few Megadrive and 360 games too but nothing major....however....

Last year (Jan '18) I got this Asteroids Deluxe from TNT Amusements in Philadelphia....fully restored electronics, new control panel and touched up by hand original side art. Works beautifully. Not cheap and to import it to the UK with import tax was painful - but is the realisation of a dream.

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