C3 Plays | Pilotwings SNES Full/Normal Mode Video Playthough

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.07.2013 1

C3 Plays | Pilotwings SNES Full/Normal Mode Video Playthough on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In the latest Cubed3 Plays video, Rudy tackles the Nintendo SNES classic Pilotwings.

Playing through the game from the first lesson to the Heli Jet Stage, Rudy tackles the classic from start to finish. Exceptional and timeless gameplay for its time, Pilotwings introduced gamers to a flight simulator concept that was literally at another level.

The version used is the Wii U Virtual Console version (NTSC edition), played using a Club Nintendo Wii SNES Classic Control without cheats or save states.

Be sure to also read Rudy's Pilotwings review, rated 8/10.


What are your thoughts on the classic Pilotwings - are you a fan?

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One of my fave SNES games! A truely fantastic game that i'd recommend to anyone!!

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