Old David Wise, or New David Wise?

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David Wise is one of the best composers working the industry today - but which style of his music do you prefer?

His work on the SNES was moodier and more oppressive, while his newer stuff in Yooka-Laylee and DCK: Tropical Freeze is more upbeat. 

DKC 2:

Yooka-Laylee: TIL

for me, the new stuff just edges out the old.

My last visit here was 27.05.03 and this may have clouded my judgement.  

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His new stuff is obviously good, but I have yet to hear any new track from him that tops Stickerbrush Symphony or most DKR tracks. For that reason I still prefer the old.

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Definitely the old stuff. And that's ok. No one should expect (him) to be the hot new guy in town forever.

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far apart...you're always in my heart. Love u!

I have nostalgia for the old stuff, for sure. Hook DKR's soundtrack into my veins.

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