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Featuring the gorgeous Utada

There is just something about a woman and a DS together...

And touching, don't forget touching...

She was upset....over a virtual dog. he also was amazed when the virtual dog looked at her. Anyway, it advertises it really well. You know what the game is and it's obvious how you play it.
Any release dates for it yet?

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Me wants this game, and a DS, and that fooking nice house wouldn't got a miss either.

Oh and Utada's not too shabby either, her music I mean. Smilie

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heh heh, cool advert Smilie

What the hell...? That is one strange advert...but hey, 3 different boxarts looks cool.

And Japanese girls just don't cut it for me either...

WOOOHOOO! That was such a cool advert! The Graphics are amazing compared to screenshots I've seen!

woof woof!

Next they'd BETTER release Nintenkittys

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What, so you can be virtually ignored and have your pet virtually disown you if you don't come with food? Great...

Odd advert. Definitely wouldn't cut the mustard in the west, though. For info on how western adverts work, go watch the THHGTTG Trailer Smilie. I can't wait for that film.

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