Free Ipods - can we ban these?

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I missed it. I'm never any good in these scam debate thingys.

Grrr...i hate it when people refer me. What the hell is NamesDatabase??

Actually, I wouldn't trust anyone on this forum with an armed weapon,

Aww...not even little old innicent me? Smilie .
And many of these schemes aren't what I'd concider a 'scam', that's when they take your credit card details or summit, but just remember that the company that's doing this is making money out of it somehow, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it, would they? Smilie

Blizz, its only because no-one else mod alerts anything Smilie

(and I complain too much)

I mod alerted before!....once.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

I've grassed one loads of people. Even mods.


Yeah!? I've did it once...mostly to have an impact in the only forum I hadn't posted in.

Scams...nasty. NamesDatabase would also kindly patch you to, oooh, about a gazillion companies intent on selling you viagra or something Smilie

On that note; Redking! Sarcy smilie when being sarcastic or people take the piss!

"We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh." Fly fast, stay low, hit hard
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Before C3 starts getting flooded with people's referal links, can we have these banned from signatures, avatars, posts... ?

Its the situation at most forums I go to, because all these schemes do is try and take advantage of people.

I agree! C3's forums need a no soliciting rule if there isn't one already. I'm bombarded with ads enough as it is.

Who are we? We are the Knights who say..... "Wii"!


I just spammed the mod forum!

And anyway, I actually tried to do this once, I got to 3, but then I found out they don't post outside fooking america!

argh, pyramid schemes, they're nasty things and they spread like viruses. Once you join up you've got an incentive to keep spreading it round.

It sucks.

Even more proof that people are idiots.

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why do we need MORE proof blizzards doing fine on his own Smilie

I AM TEH 1337 GAMORZ U R ALL NOOBS X-BOX AND GAYSTATION SUCKORZ!!!!!!111111 this was a noob poster moment brought to you by bobmcbob

*Hides all his referal links*

So yeah, what we were talking about, curtains? Yeah, that's curtains for ya.

sharpshot hang your head in shame Smilie

I AM TEH 1337 GAMORZ U R ALL NOOBS X-BOX AND GAYSTATION SUCKORZ!!!!!!111111 this was a noob poster moment brought to you by bobmcbob

ya shame................

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