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Title Date Comments
Critical Hit: Was Mass Effect 3’s Ending Really That Bad?14.07.20181
Critical Hit: Lootboxes: A True Evil, or Merely Misunderstood?20.05.20181
Critical Hit: Spoiler Alert! Are Spoiler Warnings Really Needed?15.08.20173
Critical Hit: The True Price of the Nintendo Switch02.08.20170
Critical Hit: The Difference Between Graphics and Aesthetics… and Stupidity23.04.20173
Critical Hit: The Problem With ‘Git Gud’22.04.20176
Critical Hit: Spec Ops: The Line on PC - A Pseudo-Review17.04.20173
Critical Hit | Videogames & Censorship: *Censored*22.12.20164
Critical Hit | Gamers: Have They Become Too Entitled?24.08.20164
Critical Hit | Star Fox Zero... Effort?18.04.20164
Critical Hit | Paid Mods, A Retrospective03.04.20163
Critical Hit | Launch Day & Exclusive DLC09.02.20166
Critical Hit | Demonised Gamers06.02.201610
Critical Hit | Videogame Déjà Vu06.12.20150
Critical Hit | Telltale Signs of a Bad Game23.11.20153
Feature | Critical Hit: Remasters of the Universe08.03.201515
Critical Hit | The Perils of DLC23.02.20157
Critical Hit | The True Price of Games17.02.20155
Critical Hit | Lack of Local Multiplayer01.02.201529
Critical Hit | 8 Examples of Mario Kart 8's Broken Item Balancing30.12.201410
Critical Hit | 15 Ways Nintendo Can Bounce Back After Under-performing Wii U, 3DS18.01.201414
Critical Hit | Where is Nintendo in the UK - What is Wii U?03.12.201315
Critical Hit | 10 Reasons why the Nintendo 3DS is Still Relevant and can Co-Exist with Mobile Gaming16.09.20136
Critical Hit | Nintendo's E3 Plans: Foolish Mistake or Brave New Approach?28.04.20135
Critical Hit | In-App and Freemium Games - Is anyone to blame?20.04.20131
Critical Hit | The Perils and Potential of Always Online Consoles12.04.20135
Critical Hit | Where is the Wii U Marketing? Nintendo's Confusing Approach05.04.201311
Critical Hit | Do Developers Need to Innovate on Nintendo's Wii U?01.02.20139
Critical Hit | Could Sony Fizzle Out Used Games Market?05.01.201317
Critical Hit | Wii Mini: Nintendo's Masterstroke or an Own Goal?27.11.201211
Critical Hit | Advancing Animal Crossing26.09.201112
Critical Hit | Give Remakes A Rest22.08.20117
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