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What with the talk of game costs going up, I wonder why more developers dont do what Bugbear did with Flatout.

As opposed to the licenced music tracks, Flatout has lots of unsigned bands; with tracks that are just as cool but probably cost them a tenth of the money to use.

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ALL games should have their own soundtracks, like Rare do.

Partially because I fooking love game music, it's the perfect blend of classical + other styles, and partially because it'll cost them a hell of a lot less!

Own soundtracks is best, becasue you get the originals. Unfortunately, you can't find them anywhere.
What did Bugbear do with Flatout?

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I think most games should have original soundtracks - and developers should have in-house composers, like Rare as blizzard pointed out.

Flatout has tracks (much like EA games) but instead of paying a fortune for signed and known bands, they used unsigned or very underground bands that dont cost anywhere near as much..but sound just as good in the game.

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Unisigned bands are a far better idea- they should cost next to nothing. Most unsigned bands I know are desperate just to have their stuff heard. I have a small stack of CD-R's full of music from bands, and all payed for out of their own pocket.

I don't know what Beam and Blizzard are on about- isn't the issue money?

beamrider2600 wrote: I think most games should have original soundtracks - and developers should have in-house composers, like Rare as blizzard pointed out.

Ah, so I'm not the only one who likes the music that they make in that magical candy-house.

And Mseny, I don't care if it costs them a bit more, as long as it sounds good Smilie

What with the talk of game costs going up


I'm with blizzar and beam on this one. Game like Tony Hawk's have tonnes of licenced music tracks, which just doesn't cut it for me. Original soundtracks make games more memorable.

How is paying for in-house composers going to cost the comapny less though? Isn't that what the issue is about?

Who said anything about cost?

First line of this topic.

Oh right, yeah, I wasn't giving suggestions on how to cut costs, I was giving reasons why music from outside sources is wrong, which is equally on-topic.

Fair enough, but I don't see the problem with outsourcing your soundtrack?

There are some truly amazing unsigned bands/musicians/artists out there who really want a chance. Why not give them it?

Are there unsigned bands on 1080 avalanche? (eg, is that what you mean?). If so then I'm all for it, as it's cheaper and it gives up and coming (or loser Smilie ) bands a chance to get thier music heard.

Yeah, 1080 has unknown bands, like Finger Eleven, Cauterize, Boysetsfire etc. All those bands are great though..Smilie

sorry but games like loz woulnt be what they are without original music let strugling bands strugle while listning to original rare classics Smilie

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