Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64) Reader Review

Posted by By DemoMan 0 Number of reads 658 Posted 27.12.2004

K. Rool the evilest most revolting lizard you would ever see who totally despises apes. He first takes Donkeys Kongs golden bananas and hides then in creepy castles, scorching deserts, death defying mini games and every other harsh place known to man. Then he goes along and kong-naps Donkey Kongs friends and locks them up in cages. Plus on top of all this he then aims his giant laser right at Donkey Kong isle.

At the start of the game you must hear the worlds worst rap until you discover the start button. Through out the rap you get to know the characters and their own special abilities and weapons. Of course pass characters from DK country are in the game. Funky Kong as such has now changed to a military guy who sells the Kongs weapons and gives them free refills (what a nice guy). Candy Kong, Donkey Kongs girl friend is also in it with her musical instruments. And none other then Cranky Kongs wailing in the doors giving the Kongs advise.

Diddy Kong is also back again and with three new additional characters that you have to rescue to become playable. Tiny Kong, the extremely little Kong. Chunky Kong, the big fat powerful Kong. And Lanky Kong, the umm

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