Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound Pack (PC) Review

By Gabriel Jones 07.04.2017

Review for Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound Pack on PC

Is everyone ready for a change in scenery? Snowbound is a free DLC add-on for Mantis Burn Racing. However, this is no winter wonderland. Thanks to all of the snow and ice, the roads are more hazardous than ever. The unaware just might find themselves sliding into disaster.

When it comes to racing games, one can never have too many tracks. Well, provided that they're all well-designed, of course. The Snowbound DLC adds four new ones. Crevasse is a mostly serene trip, aside from the chasm-spanning jumps, and the harrowing curves, where one bad judgement could send the driver sailing into a bottomless ravine. Silo has a lot of straightaways and long easy turns, perfect for boosting. Salvage is rife with hairpin turns and other nasty surprises. Along with a bevy of twists and turns, Research Base also features a massive jump.

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All four of these tracks have unique qualities that help them stand out from one another. The change in handling is also readily apparent. The player has to be a little more careful with every turn they make, because it's easier to lose control. Another thing worth mentioning is that these tracks are included in some of the later classes in the campaign mode. There's really no excuse not to learn them.

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Snowbound is a fantastic add-on that's sure to please Mantis Burn Racing veterans. The four tracks not only look great, but they're also fairly designed and fun to race through. A lot of time could be spent just testing out how all of the vehicles behave on these treacherous ice-covered roads. Everything is seamlessly integrated, so both campaign and multiplayer gamers aren't going to run into any issues. Most importantly, this DLC is free. How can anyone complain about that?









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