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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

Hello to all people I wanna to swap out my friend code for my Nintendo 3DS (I hate becuase I was banned from Miiverse) but I can always exchange FC so who want to do this?
My code is: 4785-6854-0300

My gates are open
Anyone can come to have fun

( Edited 01.11.2014 17:42 by EJ )

Hello everyone, I'm new my friend code is 1650-2047-1333. I have no friends so if anyone wants to send me their FC I'd be happy

Yes please

Hello does anyone want to play with me?

Hi who wants to play with me

Hi anyone here


I will with you


Does anyone have aviator shades? Ill give you gold carpet FC: 4613-8378-4907

I would love to if you will visit mine also. 3668-9182-8310

Wondering if anyone has Modern Wood Set: jjust the stool and wall and flooring, willing to pay bells Smilie also wondering if anyone has Whitney and or Lucky and Cherry

( Edited 10.11.2014 02:49 by Quintinne )

Hey! Does someone wanna come visit my town?



Sure! I added you.

Just added CantonMayor, Tomato, Super Mario and EJ. I need fruit and I have oranges and perfect oranges to trade or bells if possible. I'm Kayji and my FC is 1848_2726_2185. I would love to meet you.

Hey all.
I'm new to this site, looking for people I can play with (help out, get help from).
My goal is to get all the badges. I have two 3DS's and 2 ANCL cards, so I can TT to any event days you need. I have a lot of items catalogued, but still looking for some things.

Right now I'm trying to find a day with good turnip prices so I can get the profit badge for that.
Alternatively, I'd like to go to someone's town that has good prices! Let me know Smilie

FC is 3394-3808-8530 for my main town
FC is 4098-2370-2350 for my secondary town

Quintinne said:
Wondering if anyone has Modern Wood Set: jjust the stool and wall and flooring, willing to pay bells Smilie also wondering if anyone has Whitney and or Lucky and Cherry

I have the modern wood set stuff you want.
When are you available? Smilie

I have him but I'm keeping him. Sorry!

Fruits: All of em' (And perfect Cherries)
Villagers: Pekoe, Maple, Alfonso, Tammy, Bree, Frank, Avery, Roscoe,Rhonda (Rhonda's close to be in boxes) Baabara
Town Name: Dendemil
My name: Juby
(Please tell me if i missed any information.)
Quote me and say that you've added me with all your information!~


( Edited 15.11.2014 03:48 by Juby )

hi can i come to your town?

If anyone needs rose hybrids to start breeding I have all rose hybrids! if you want a pair pm me

Hi! I'm looking for Ankha the snooty cat. I can pay about 1mil bells for her. Does anyone have her in boxes?

Hey everyone I'm Chris I'm looking for new friends, I can use your help and I can definitely help you in any way I have gold shovels, axe, watering can, and I'm looking for golden fishing rod and golden Net. So please add me. I need peaches and perfect flowers(golden) I can pay you for your help Smilie I'm 22 males preferably want to play with people my age. Don't want to play with immature kids

( Edited 18.11.2014 03:44 by Smexyfur )

I have peaches(all fruit) and perfect peaches. 26, female.
I also have a town with perfect pears.

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