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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

Exchange friend codes

o~o ill play wif you on AC if u want ^_^ ?

I JUST WANNA FRIEND to play animal crossing with Smilie 

name: Brittany
town: China
FC: 5215-2822-9963

Add me ! 1736-0886-8099

Someone Add me! My FC is 1693-4332-2040

Anyone have a spare Santa Coat and/or Santa Boots? I really need them, I don't want to miss the first Toy Day in my new town. Kicks is still being built and the Able Sisters still aren't stocking the coat.

Anyone wanna exchange friend codes. Haven't played in foreva, need some friends

Add me Its my username

Looking for people to exchange friend codes.I'm dieing to visit more towns, near and far from Savannah,Georgia,USA.Would anyone be generous enough to give me their friend codes?
my friend code is 306786002072.

Im in the northern part of British Columbia Canada. My friend code is 0104-3578-9345 if you wanna play.

I don't have much in my town but i do have oranges. ^^

My friend code is 1392-8274-1620.

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Add me code is 1650-4552-6060

Can I have friend codes plz?

I need new friends!! Add me 3840-9839-8319 town is guyton

Oranges, Pears , Turnip prices today are 119 Bells Pink And Orange Cosmos The villagers you can have are Limberg , Cobb , Ken And Frita Not Stinky , Whitney , Cole Or Flurry Flowers give and take no need to give unless you want too Smilie I Have Stuff For Sale Too

Radiator 650 Bells
Pendulum clock 1000 Bells
Black Katana 5000 Bells
Old Wallpaper 100 Bells
Old Flooring 100 Bells
Wheat Feild 150 Bells
monster mask 1000 bells
Ghost mask 1000 bells
Bug mask 1000 bells
Green wall 500 bells
Durians 300 bells (3)
Coconuts 100 bells (1)
Four leaf clover 1000 Bells
Hope you come Smilie

Friend code -  3325-3701-3626

anyone online? And want to play?

maybe even exchange friend codes?

Yh me add me 1693 5135 2619 let me know ones u add me 


Please add me mine is 0190-2522-6968

Add me! New and looking for people to play ACNL with. 4141-5345-3534.


My friendcode is 2595-4500-7540. I would be happy to check out anyones town. Just add me and send me your code. I'll add back asap. Smilie

I have added you! Add me back. Friendcode: 2595-4500-7540. Name: Jess. Town: Roterdam. Fruit: peached and more. 

Skunkyjewel said:
Add me! New and looking for people to play ACNL with. 4141-5345-3534.


I have added you! Add me back. Friendcode: 2595-4500-7540. Name: Jess. Town: Roterdam. Fruit: peached and more. 

What is your friend code beauce i would like to go to your town mine is 530127493922 plz reply bk

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