Exclusive Video Game Developer Interviews

We sit down with video game developers and studios big or small to unravel development secrets, press for new projects and exclusive insights into a world of creative entertainment

Title Date Comments
Interview: Andy Santos, Director of Polterguys21.06.20230
Interview: Nexon’s Yoonmi Park speaks to Cubed3 about KartRider: Drift13.03.20230
Shin’en Interview: The Punchuin, 2D Wario, FAST RMX vs F-Zero and More!28.02.20230
Supermassive Games’ Tom Heaton speaks to Cubed3 about The Devil in Me29.10.20221
Interview: Teravision Games Talks About Captain ToonHead05.09.20210
Interview: Radu Muresan Talks About Neon Noodles04.09.20210
Songs of Conquest - Interview24.06.20210
Interview: Jon Holmes Talks About HyperBrawl Tournament14.11.20200
Interview: Cubed3 Discusses Evergate with Stone Lantern Games16.09.20200
Interview: Slightly Mad Studios on Project CARS Changes, Future Updates, Switch Support06.09.20200
Interview: Indie RPG Developer Darrel Wijaya Discusses The Revenant Prince28.07.20200
Interview: Cubed3 Interviews producer Yashiro Yahata for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows13.02.20200
Interview: Cubed3 Interviews producer Aoba Miyazaki for MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 213.02.20200
Interview: Cubed3 Interviews Rose City Games, Creators of Cat Lady31.10.20190
Interview: Cubed3 Interviews President of Nihon Falcom, Toshihiro Kondo15.08.20191
Interview: Cubed3 Interviews Lead Designer for Pacer, Carlton Gaunt27.06.20190
Interview: Cubed3 Talks with Yamada Riichiro19.08.20180
Interview: Cubed3 Talks to Yoshiro Kimura of Onion Games21.02.20182
Talking Vostok Inc. with Nosebleed Interactive's Andreas Firnigl30.12.20170
Cubed3 Talks The Silver Case with Suda5105.12.20166
Talking The Universim with Crytivo Games28.10.20160
Cubed3 Chats with Two Tribes About RIVE11.10.20160
Woven: Not Just Light and Fluffy19.09.20160
Neil Armstrong of Astrosaurus Games18.08.20160
Revolution’s 25th Anniversary Special with Charles Cecil15.05.20161
TT Games Talks LEGO Marvel's Avengers27.01.20162
The Voice Realm - What’s New!16.12.20150
Playtonic’s Mark Stevenson on Project Ukulele & Rare Days19.04.201518
Take a Trip Down Fame Street12.04.20152
Intropy Games on Astral Breakers03.04.20150
Dark Day on Once Bitten, Twice Dead14.03.20150
GalaxyTrail on Freedom Planet11.03.20151
Endgame Studios on Fractured Soul26.02.20152
Edrox on New Wii U Survival Horror, Bizerta: Silent Evil22.02.201512
Still Games on Wii U RPG Animal Gods14.10.20140
Tic Toc Games on Adventures of Pip19.05.20140
Dakko Dakko on Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails18.05.20142
Fusty Games on Hover: Revolt of Gamers11.05.20140
Two Tribes on Swords & Soldiers HD for Wii U11.05.20141
Big Finish Games Discusses Tex Murphy & Tesla Effect25.04.20144
Causal Bit Games on Insanity's Blade Wii U13.04.20142
Prismatic Games Talks Wii U RTS Hex Heroes13.04.20140
Rain Games Talk 2D Platformer Teslagrad Wii U09.04.20140
Leuvsion on 2D Indie Platformer Twisted Fusion03.04.20140
Nifflas and Knapnok Talk Affordable Space Adventures30.03.20140
tinyBuild Games Talk JetGetters, Wii U and Aerial Combat27.03.20140
Yanim Studio on Indie Side-Scroller Red Goddess23.03.20140
Zordix Talks Aqua Moto Racing Utopia20.03.20140
Space Enigma Studios on Space Pioneer23.02.20141
Varia Games on 2D Side-Scroller ReVeN01.02.20141
Voice123 Discusses the Voice Acting Business03.06.20134
The Ins and Outs of Voice Acting: The Voice Realm15.09.20131
Barnstorm Games Talks Pro Pinball, Metroid Prime Pinball and Super Mario Ball03.09.20131
Disastercake Talks Indie J-RPG Soul Saga11.07.20133
Zordix Talks Aqua Moto Racing 3D for Nintendo 3DS11.07.20130
Gears for Breakfast Talk A Hat in Time03.07.20130
Gabe Durham Talks Boss Fight Books Concept and Kickstarter Campaign16.06.20132
Renegade Kid Discuss Mutant Mudds Deluxe for Wii U09.06.20132
Super Icon Discuss Life of a Pixel Wii U19.05.20130
Onipunks Discuss Post-apocalyptic C-Wars for 3DS, Wii U18.05.20130
Open Robot Sandbox Project Rawbots for Wii U15.05.20130
Precursor Talks Shadow of the Eternals, Eternal Darkness and Nintendo Wii U Development14.05.20134
DarkSeas Games on Road Redemption for Nintendo Wii U12.05.20132
SnowCastle Games on Festival of Magic for Nintendo Wii U12.05.20133
Shin'en Discuss Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai 3DS04.05.20131
Atomhawk Design Discuss Indie Project The Realm, Point-and-Click and Wii U01.05.20133
Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld Dig for Nintendo 3DS eShop22.04.20133
Frozenbyte Discusses the Future of Trine20.04.20131
Ubisoft Talks ZombiU with Cubed3 (Nintendo Wii U)18.11.20127
Animation Arts Discusses Secret Files04.11.20125
Nigoro Discusses LA-MULANA (Nintendo WiiWare)07.10.20122
Two Tribes Discusses Toki Tori 2 (Nintendo Wii U eShop)30.08.20120
Cubed3 Talks to Nexon About MapleStory (Nintendo DS)09.07.20125
Nexon Talks MapleStory on Nintendo DS14.04.20100
SEGA Discusses Rhythm Thief (Nintendo 3DS)25.06.20126
Sakurai-san Talks Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS)19.06.201214
Cubed3 Talks to Sakaguchi-san About The Last Story (Nintendo Wii)28.03.201210
Hellbent Games Talks LEGO Ninjago (Nintendo DS)19.02.20124
Akira Ueda on Sakura Note (Nintendo DS)12.09.201110
V5 Play Talks May’s Mysteries (Nintendo DS)02.09.20116
Tales Studio on Tales of the Abyss (Nintendo 3DS)17.06.20118
FAST: Racing League (Nintendo WiiWare)02.06.20114
Firebrand on TrackMania (Wii/Nintendo DS)27.05.20112
Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life (DS)22.05.20110
Kiloo on Zoonies DSiWare18.05.20110
Kouichi Yotsui on Nintendo 3DS?27.04.20118
Crime Lab: Body of Evidence (Nintendo DS)30.12.20101
Marvelous Talks About Rune Factory 2 (Nintendo DS)24.12.20103
Shin’en Talks Jett Rocket, FAST & Nintendo WiiWare Support17.11.20106
Nordcurrent Talks 101-in-1 Megamix Sports (DS/Wii)08.11.20103
Yuji Naka Talks Ivy the Kiwi? (Nintendo DS/Wii)05.10.20102
Rising Star Talks PANG: Magical Michael (Nintendo DS)16.09.20104
Mitchell Talks PANG! Magical Michael (Nintendo DS)13.09.20106
Alien After All Talks DodoGo! (Nintendo DSiWare)07.09.20104
Combat of Giants: Dragons Bronze Edition (Nintendo DSiWare)22.08.20102
And Yet It Moves (Nintendo WiiWare)15.08.20104
Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: Rush (Nintendo WiiWare)10.08.20101
Neko on Faceez (Nintendo DSiWare) 05.08.20102
Hadouken! Talks Gaming & EA Deal03.08.20103
PlatinumGames / Nudemaker on Infinite Space (Nintendo DS)23.06.20103
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