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Cubed3's Glass to the Wall - Live!

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Staff Blog | Polarium sequel - What would you like to see?

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As some readers will know Mitchell Corporation has already brought some very impressive puzzle titles to the Nintendo fold. First off there was Polarium for the Nintendo DS, coming out in time for launch, which was then followed by another handheld outing under the name Polarium Advance for the Game Boy Advance (details of just what is included can be read this preview). After this Mitchell went back to the dual-screen handheld to resurrect its PuzzLoop title that had been allegedly been 'stolen' by PopCap for its immensely popular Zuma on Xbox Live Arcade. The result was the addictive game we in Europe know as 'actionloop' and US gamers call 'Magnetica' (much to the displeasure and bemusement of Mitchell's CEO). A WiiWare update of actionloop arrived last year, along with a new DS title called Suujin Taisen that has so far not arrived in the West.

With Polarium remaining one of the best DS puzzlers around and the far superior GBA edition being incredibly overlooked by the majority of gamers due to it arriving too late in the system's life, not receiving a big push from Nintendo in Europe and being left up to Atlus to provide the limited US release, Cubed3 has been enquiring about what the future holds for the puzzle series. In response Mitchell has stated that unless fresh ideas are brought to the table then another game will not be forthcoming, and due to other commitments at present there has been no time to mull things over.

Therefore, the onus has been put on us, the gamers. What would we like to see in the next edition of Polarium?

Please share any thoughts, be they brief or overly long-winded, by posting below and be sure to spread the word across other websites to get as much feedback as possible!

Busy Times for Cubed

Strange to see me in the Blogs area, no? The whole blog culture seems to have passed me by, and just like my puzzlement over the attraction of Facebook and MySpace, the idea of laying my personal thoughts out to bear for the whole world to see strikes me as quite an unusual practice. But anyway, each to their own, and in the interest of research I thought I would give it a proper whirl for once. So, whether or not this will become a frequent event is unknown right now, as my time is stretched thin enough as it is. Hopefully this possible one-off ramble takes your interest!

A lot goes on behind the scenes of Cubed

South Korea here I come...

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Well, on Wednesday I'll be jetting off to South Korea for a couple of weeks to visit my in-laws for the first time since I got married three years ago. It should be quite an experience, but I'm not sure whether I'm currently more apprehensive or excited about the journey...

Anyway, that probably means I'll have no Internet access until I get back. I'm not entirely sure yet, since my wife and I will be staying at my brother-in-law's house, and I presume he'll have a PC. It's just a matter of 1.) do they mind me monopolising their computer; 2.) can I really be arsed travelling to another country just to sit in front of a PC yet again?

Sadly I feel point two is rather moot, though. The former point is likely to be more of an issue. Hmm, we shall see.

Well, there are at least five interviews lined up for C3 in my absence - Jorge will be putting them up for you at timely intervals and I believe Mike has another up his sleeve. I completed the first proper point-and-click game on DS today - Undercover: Dual Motives - and will finish up the review tomorrow. Good game, but criminally short...

For now sleep beckons. So I'll bid you all adieu until tomorrow's news updates Smilie

[ Wow, my first blog in nearly three years! ]


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So I'm sat here, during the three day window between Christmas and New Year, staring at a computer screen as per usual. But what makes things different? Hmm, let's see, the fact that I'm supposed to be bloody working at the moment?!

Yeah, that'd be it...

But no, I can't be arsed - the period's a slow one, with barely any councils bigwigs bothered to drag themselves from the luxury of their armchairs, so I don't really have much to do here.

Well, apart from do the odd bit of C3 work, of course...and get paid


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Today I was unduly harassed by another member of the C3 staff. I find it quite difficult to talk about as the event is still so fresh in my mind and I fear that I will be mentally scarred forever more.

My dignity has been blemished, my reputation tarnished all because of one person!

How could they do this to me? How could they force me to write another Journal like this...Lee, how can you live with yourself?!



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Has a bit of a scare today as C3 suddenly went 'bye-bye'. Luckily it all got sorted out in the end, though...However, I ended up not doing what I'd wanted to do because certain people kept me on MSNm for too long!



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Tomorrow will be my first solo trip to London and boy am I excited. Why? Well, because I'm going to be going to an exclusive event where I can pick up my very own Nintendo DS portable system!

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