News: Cosplay Con Scotland

By Lilly Kirchner 02.06.2024

The art of transforming into fictional characters, often from video games and anime, has been gaining more and more popularity over the last few years. Often, this is not as easy as it seems: whether one is looking to buy a cosplay or attempting to create it from scratch, limited resources mean that many have to put in a lot of work to turn into their favourite character. It does pay off, however, and coming together with likeminded people who value and appreciate the effort is a fantastic feeling.
Perhaps this is exactly why Fantasy Scotland Ltd decided that it is finally time for a convention that is focused purely on cosplay. For the first time ever, Cosplay Con Scotland will take place in Glasgow, and this event is packed with information, workshops and competitions all around cosplay. This includes costume design, prop making, photography and special effects. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, anyone interested in cosplay is welcome to attend. Cubed3 will be right in the middle to report! Cosplay Con Scotland will be held in the Double Tree by Hilton Glasgow on the 13th July 2024. Make sure to secure your tickets on the Cosplay Con Scotland website!

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