Capcom Confirms European Okami Date

By Jorge Ba-oh 01.05.2008 7

Capcom have announced the European release date for the upcoming Wii port of Okami.

Despite recently negative press on the company's box-art blunders, the game is due for release on June 13th 2008 for some summer fun with your favourite goddess-turn-wolf.

Image for Capcom Confirms European Okami Date

Box art for Okami





Action Adventure



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I wondered what was happening with this.

I love that image above, I reckon that must be in the Artwork book I would like to get.

Smilie i hope that not the right date MGS4 out on June 12 lol oh god bad planing

Ahh! Why so long! I thought it was already out!

Gives me time to save up I spose.

Brawl/Okami/SCIV. June is gonna be a busy month, not to mention all the games that I half want that have been out for ages and I dunno if I should get 'em or not because of all my work (No More Heroes, Bombermna Land Touch 2, Bomberman Land Wii, The World Ends With You, SEGA Superstars Tennis, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (I REALLY want that >.<) and the list goes on)

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can anyone spot any ign watermarks in this picture? Smilie

Can't wait to get it.

I thought it would have come out sooner. Oh well, good things come to those who wait.

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Considering the previous release date for this was July 1st, I guess this is a good thing.

Unfortunately for me, I can't really pick mine up until after my exams - d'oh!

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