Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Woman’s Lot (PC) Review

By Athanasios 01.07.2019

Review for Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Woman’s Lot on PC

Warhorse Studios definitely knows who Kingdom Come: Deliverance's most interesting supporting characters are. After delving into the spicy world of Sir Hans Capon, the developer lets Henry rest for a bit, while he listens to Theresa's side of the story. A Woman's Lot is a bit on the short side, but generally longer, and all in all far better than previous DLC packs - here's a look at it.

A Woman's Lot stays true to the charm of the core game, as it puts aside high fantasy tropes, and is more concerned with realism. As such, the titular woman is a pretty good representation of the life of a young, medieval lady. The same way Henry never really becomes something more than just a soldier (albeit, a very skilled one), this heroine won't really become something entirely different in here. With that being said, that doesn't mean that the protagonist is a weakling. Yes, Theresa is a woman living in 15th century Europe, but she is a - believably - strong one, with a pretty impressive backbone (and more than that, according to Henry's late papa).

Moreover, she isn't there just to give you the opportunity to play as a woman. Thesesa offers a much needed change of pace, and in a world that, apart from Sir Hans Capon, is basically a pretty boring sausage fest (eww). In essence, this DLC gives you the opportunity to "go back" to Skalitz, by having Theresa retell her experiences of what happened during and after the siege of her hometown - of course, not by a cut-scene, but by having the player play as her, with the first part being about her doing the chores that are expected from the daughter of a poor *wink-wink* miller, with little freedom to slack off, and hang out with the boys, just like Henry probably would.

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Now, while Skalitz was basically the brief intro of Henry's quest, here this slow chapter will give you the chance to look around the place a bit more, with actual quests than need to be completed, ensuring you'll get a bit more engrossed to it all. Thankfully, she'll definitely have her share of adventure - it's just that she'll rely more in her archery skills, and, more importantly, in utilising stealth, or, even better, her trusty canine friend. Also, don't try putting on some heavy plate armour on her. Theresa's is sort of like a different character "class," not a female version of Henry.

Oh, sure, A Woman's Lot doesn't exactly bring anything new to the table. It's the same world, and, with the same kind of gameplay offered in the base game, just from a different perspective. Those looking for originality won't find it here. Those looking a reason to go back to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, though, will. Yes, this isn't an epic, multi-hour adventure, but it has enough content to justify its price - and that content is quite enjoyable. Perfect? Not even close... especially since it retains the same amount of (non-game-breaking) glitches, and the graphics engine remains an unpolished, and annoying system hog.

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While the gameplay mechanics, and the world you'll traverse are exactly the same, A Woman's Lot is a very enjoyable supplement to the core game, that follows the perspective of one of the best characters in it. Not a must have, but undoubtedly the best DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance released so far.




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