Falling Out (PC) Review

By Athanasios 28.11.2022

Review for Falling Out on PC

Falling Out is a co-op game (that can also be played solo), that revolves around exploring a vast ancient Egyptian maze, and escaping it. A challenging experience hides underneath the cute, cartoony visuals, with the controls being easy to learn but even easier to forget while doing your Tomb Raidin' business. Check this quick look at the Switch version to learn some more about it.

The story follows two cute characters, hubby and wife, who while on a trip to Egypt to snap some selfies for the family album (aka Instagram for those born in the '80s) end up trapped in the labyrinths underneath the Pyramids (or something), with evil stuff appearing out of nowhere to hurt them. Hmpf. Typical tourist trap! Anyways, the goal will be to go from stage to stage, trying to reach the exit of each "room." Together. Don't forget. You are in control of two people. Which leads to the first word of caution: don't play this on your own. You are advised to bring someone along, especially if that someone is your significant other (your cat doesn't count). Not only this isn't that fun solo, it's quite annoying too.

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There are three ways to move the two characters together when playing alone. You can grab and carry, which looks funny, especially when the woman grabs the man by the ear, but that disables a variety of other skills. You can call him/her right to your side, but the AI is a bit… well, stupid. The third way is to keep on swapping between hubby and wife, but that kills the fun factor by tenfold. The second word of caution? This is somewhat challenging, as is customary with rogue-lites, as each room is randomly processed. You need to have a good map awareness, be fast on your fingers, and be ready for plenty of multitasking and inventory management.

The biggest challenge, however, will initially be to learn the controls. No they are not bad or anything. It's hard to explain it exactly, but it's just one of those games where the control scheme is kind of hard to learn on a more "subconscious" level, which means that one can spend three to four hours, and still manage to press the wrong buttons every now and then. Aside from that, this sort of gets repetitive way too soon - it's a fun title, but it lacks that extra something that could make it remain so for more than an hour. There's nothing terrible to say about it, but nothing that special either. The duo runs and jumps around, avoids traps and tries to avoid enemies, collects coins and buys items, and… nothing that actually spice things up a bit more.

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Falling Out sadly falls under that underwhelming "ok" category of games that thousands of indies belong to. It's a nice rogue-lite exploration/platformer that can be played by two (in fact, it is fun only when played by two), but despite it having no real flaws to talk about, there's nothing about it that stands out either. It's… ok.






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