Tiny Thor (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Albert Lichi 11.02.2024

Review for Tiny Thor on Nintendo Switch

Everyone knows the Norse story of the God of Thunder, but before he was a burly and boastful meat-head, he was a scrappy and uppity boy. Tiny Thor conveys Thor during the early and care-free days where his life is a 32-bit action platformer with lush pixel art. On his birthday, Thor is gifted Mjölnir, his signature hammer, and sets out on an adventure. What transpires is 30 savage stages that combines classic platforming and puzzle solving at a break-neck pace.

Tiny Thor wastes no time at establishing what it is. Fans of hop 'n' bop platformers akin to Donkey Kong Country will feel right at home. With unwavering precision, every aspect of this game has been meticulously crafted. The deliberate and measured movement has been carefully balanced to align seamlessly with the game's overarching vision. However, it is the daunting difficulty level that unequivocally shines as the crowning achievement of this platformer.

The unrelenting challenge presented by certain regular stage sections within the game is nothing short of awe-inspiring. In the final stretch of a dozen levels, the need for repeated restarts becomes an undeniable reality, and it is during these moments that the true extent of Tiny Thor's unforgiving nature is unveiled.

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The audacious difficulty will test gamers' skills and some may find it insurmountable. The ice-y stages, in particular, prove to be a harrowing torment. The demand to execute these sequences with precision, all while maintaining an unwavering pace to keep the screen scrolling, allows for no margin of error. In some instances, the cruelly tight timeframe scarcely allows for a comprehensive assessment of the impending challenge, leading to inevitable, fatal falls.

Accumulated gems can be expended for enhancements at the establishment operated by the cunning magpies. The utilization of runes can further augment Thor's capabilities. More advanced manoeuvrers, such as the double jump, must be earned through triumphing over the inaugural boss and, in some cases, pilfering these skills from them. The acquisition of additional essential abilities, including dashing, is deferred until later segments of the game.

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In addition to the abundance of scattered gems strewn throughout the game world, each level harbours three concealed diamonds that are strategically positioned off the most direct path or meticulously concealed. These diamonds represent an added challenge for those seeking a more thorough exploration of the game's environments. Thankfully, any failure's incurred by the player will not require them to recollect any gems. Tiny Thor is fair in this regard and allows the player to focus on completing the stage as opposed to enduring tedious retries at reacquiring precariously placed gems.

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However, for those that struggle with turbo-charged levels of difficulty, fear not, because Tiny Thor attempts to cater for all ages with the presence of accessibility options within the game's design. There is an absence of a conventional easy mode, as such, which some would feel streamlines the gameplay experience and truncates the overall duration. Instead, to help certain sectors of the gaming audience out, there is a range of Assist Mode functions to ameliorate the difficulty - aspects like higher jumps, automatically pulling hearts towards you, making wall jumps easier, giving invincibility for longer after taking damage, or even switching on permanent invincibility. These individual toggle options can help eliminate struggles with more arduous stages and mitigate the hazards of perilous falls; all proving to be optional extras that are likely going to appeal to a wider crowd. The development team has also included things like No Repeated Pressing, Play Without Hearing, and Colour Blind Friendly modes to make for a palatable experience for those that require them.

The visual presentation exudes vibrancy and exuberance. Each character brims with distinctive personality, and crucial information is presented with remarkable clarity, leaving no room for ambiguity. Readability is impeccably executed; indeed, Tiny Thor showcases pixel art that rivals some of the finest examples since the release of Battle Axe. Thor's myriad poses and expressive gestures significantly enhance the overall gameplay experience, seamlessly intertwining with the controls and bolstering the game's playability.

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Despite its outward appearance as a cheerful and friendly-looking game, Tiny Thor harbours a formidable array of challenges that can prove to be surprisingly daunting. It provides an unrelenting challenge for even the most experienced players, and yet feels endearingly satisfying and rewarding. Tiny Thor unveils itself as a remarkably intense, gratifying - and also highly accessible - action platformer, standing as one of the most demanding and rewarding experiences within its genre.


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