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If Nintendo arent going to do anything about this then they im buying an Xbox. Fed up with companies that can easily port games not being encouraged to do so. Criterion own renderware for ****s sake.

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Theres no point in this, if you want to comment on this game go to the news posted on it.

I agree, Nintendo need to be throwing money at these companies to get their games over to the Gamecube, even if they are just ports. I hope they're going to learn this for the next generation, though unfortunately they probably won't judging by Iwata's comments that basically said 'developers can come to us, we're not doing the running'. It's a terrible approach, and it's no wonder that the Gamecube is doing the worst out of the three home consoles with this attitude.

Saw it coming, surprised this isn't coming out for next gen console to be honest.

I wanted to put the news in a discussion place rather than just the news.

I know Nintendo are doing better but I really really wanted to play Burnout 3, and having heard about the plans for it last year I so wanted to play Burnout 4.

I reckon it will come out on next gen (maybe xbox 2), but enhanced. I heard that they couldnt do everything they wanted for tech limitations, so a next gen port could be (from the features I heard about) unbelievable.

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