Im back!

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Feels strange to do a topic post about myself but, sure, why not? It feels like years since I came here last and it probably is!

Lots of people prob won't recognise me but I was posting around 2004 I think!

I'm still at uni doing my masters, but am copywriting for educational games so gaming is still a big part of my life! Smilie How is everyone?


Welcome back, it's always good to see older members again.

That's sounds like an interesting job. Hope uni is going well for you.

As for how I'm feeling? I'm okay, though I've been having neck and back problems. I plan on going to the doctors soon. I basically can't turn my head left or right and my shoulders and back hurt.

Hey Pikasue Smilie

I think we brushed shoulders a few times.

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

Long time no see. Smilie

Hey guys!

Thanks Marzy - owch, sorry to hear about your pain recently! Hope the doctor can sort it out!

Hey guys, I definitely remember both you Slydevil and Pheonixus. How have things been?


Hi welcome back! Smilie
I definitely remember you. Smilie

Hurray! Par-tay! Smilie

Old members come back? lol.

Hi Sue :3

Seems like the thing to do.

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More than 6 years using this web site only the members ..... WoW

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