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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

My friend code is 1075-1576-1537. I like making new friends! So let's hang out!

( Edited 12.08.2014 22:26 by Theresa )

Hi Everybody!

Hello Smilie

hey i need friends, my friend code is 3754-8766-4326

Rosa, i registered you as a friend. My friend code ~  2766-9712-6923



Friend Code is 1950-9051-8723, add me! Smilie

I'll add you as soon as i get my 3DS Charged!

Hi! want to play new leaf with me? My Fc is 3454-2267-4159. Please reply

I have no friends yet and I'll add you just let me know any one can add me my name is Peyton and my town is Melville and my code is

( Edited 10.09.2014 20:23 by Pinky222 )

Hi there I would love to go to your town I've ordered the game I might visit your town on Friday if that sounds good Smilie

hello everyone! please add me 2981-7509-9924, thanks! Smilie -Reema

i loved this game but once i got the Majora's mask i felt like i won and quit lol

Majora's Mask was the main reason i bought it :/

Sure! Smilie


Hey there guys, pretty new to this whole animal crossing shindig, keen to have some visitors/visit some new towns! Smilie friend code is 2466-3646-3856

hey anyone read this thread anymore ? i rly need friends for animal crossing .
my friend code is 1478-5196-3549.
my names andrew and i play DS alot here are the games i play.





anyone kind enough to add me pls email me with ur friend code or post up here 

[email protected]

I've added u repulsion911 and pickurusu Smilie
My FC is 0233-0112-1571

( Edited 13.10.2014 14:25 by Eliza18 )

anyone here

her are my sisters and mine FCs 3969-5433-4553 and 5429-8270-2807 add us and leave your Fc so we can add you back !

My friend code is 1392-6638-9161

Hiya I just added a few of you guys I've been playing about a month and am working on getting fruit trees of all kinds and friends. My name is April my town is vulpix and so far I have apples pars and oranges as well as most of the tropical fruit. I play mostly UK evenings and weekends since I work. My FC is 3711 7464 2112
see you soon hopefully Smilie

Looking for friends to get fruit and discover the social aspects of new leaf. FC is 1848-2726-2185. My name is Kayji.

Ive added you Eliza18, my code is 1048-9552-9906 

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