FIFA Street (GameCube) Preview

By Nick Cheesman 12.03.2005

When this game was announced almost a year ago it brought a mixture of snide remarks and more jabs at the behemoth that is EA. Why exactly this is, is a complete mystery, the NFL and NBA Street licenses have not only sold well using heaps of urban style and arcade gameplay, but have also been of a good game standard as well. So while Mario is tearing up the court in NBA Street V3, the stars of the beautiful game head over to Rio for some Nike advert style football. No jumpers for goal posts then.

Although FIFA Street boasts 250 players from 16 different countries to play as there is also the obligatory customer player option that you can deform to slight degrees and uses your skill bills (Don't ask) to round over your footballers attributes, like tackling, tricks, accuracy, shot power and speed. As is the necessity, as you progress with you footballer in the career mode you can upgrade these stats till you become some sort of football-ing deity.

Unlike the usually game of football, FIFA has four on four player matches that take place, surprisingly in the Street. Graffiti and steel fences included. Although there are no sell out stadiums to play in, you will always notice some pedestrian and traffic animations in the backdrop. However another step away from real football is the lack of referee (Probably a dream come true for some) and the fact scoring the most goals is not actually the way to win in some cases.

Each match in FIFA Street lasts about 10 minutes, and are either played to the end of this time or till a team scores a set amount of goals. Modes on offer include the usual "friendlies" and the Rule The Street mode, where you can take your squad of players all over the world, winning street tournaments and using skill Bills to build up their skills or just buy new players, if you have one weak link in your quartet of talent.

Having only four players in a team means that the usual positions are scraped in favour of having a goal keeper and players that alternate between playing upfront and staying at the back. A well rounded team is greatly needed; all your players can not just be tricksters, you need someone who is good at winning the ball and then another who is good at making the runs and getting the crosses in. This means that the four player team basis has some decent ground for it and scope for tactics.

The controls are geared for a pick up and play style, with the usual long and short passes, sprinting and shooting buttons, along with skill buttons, and the C-stick becoming the trick stick. Scoring is now even more in-depth as you can score in any part of the goal using the control stick to place it anywhere in the back of the net helped by goal diagram at the bottom of the screen showing where the ball is currently placed.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, try as hard as EA right, FIFA will probably never beat the delights of Pro Evolution Soccer 4, and since that is probably what every GameCube owner wants and will not get, FIFA Street will probably be overlooked. Nonetheless the arcade style of FIFA Street is a nice new step for the FIFA franchise and will most definitely not be the last.


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thus furthur proving that EA = n00b

seriously, I, in general, have no respect for any product ea releases.

We'll see how this turns out. At least EA are trying something different this time!

hey remember...."it is not about how many you score, but about how you score".
oh, and it does not sound that good, but how can i judge from just sound..hmmm!

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Well, it does look good. Only way Fifa's gameplay can work well.

Mark de Vita [Sevrin :: Features Writer :: Fake l337 h4x0r] 1f u c4n r34d t#15 t3xt, u n33d t0 g3t 0ut m0r3

EA BIG games are usally a lot of fun.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

yet another soccer game :lol:

I saw it runnin down GS the other day and it looked quite good. But i prefer the real sports titles.

I think this actually looks like a lot of fun, but the reviews I have seen of it have been less than promising. May check it out, I am in the mood for a nice arcade style football game.


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