Knight Squad (PC) Review

By Izzy Lichi 16.11.2015

Review for Knight Squad on PC

Knight Squad is a multiplayer arcade game published by Chainsawesome Games, where players compete against each other or the computer as one of many different knight characters. Grab a sword, don a suit of armour, and have at thee, for the Knight Squad sallies forth to satisfy classic multiplayer arcade fun, or bore royalty and players alike.

Knight Squad seems to take a lot of notes from other arcade style multiplayer games, while adding a lot of knightly flavour to the visuals. Many who are familiar with the Bomberman games will immediately recognise the similar top view battlefields, where each player (or CPU) starts at a specified corner of the map. In addition to that, the gameplay itself seems to follow the same concept and flow of Bomberman, but instead of bombs, medieval weaponry is used, such as the tried and tested sword, which can be extended into a long sword for more reach, and a crossbow for range.

Many more combat options keep the competition diverse, but how well can medieval warfare do, as far as providing entertainment for competitive multiplayer?

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The game offers many different modes, such as a soccer mode, deathmatch, and even retrieving the Holy Grail itself! Alas, Knight Squad's novelty runs rapidly thin after experiencing it for around 30 minutes. Players expecting a more long-term outlook of playing the game will find that there is nothing to unlock, and no single-player mode, aside from doing the challenges, where there is a simple objective that must be satisfied. Luckily, if experienced with a full group, or even just one other friend, Knight Squad will provide exactly what was intended: great pick-up-and-play multiplayer action, where playing single-player is strongly not recommended.

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Knight Squad may bore many who want a solid standalone game to experience, but certainly stands on its own merits by being an enjoyable multiplayer title. The mechanics work well and don't require too much reflex, as the hit-box of other players is very large, making it so any player has a fair chance at winning. Ultimately, Knight Squad is a decent arcade multiplayer game that will be amusing for a while, but quickly becomes boring after a short amount of time. King and royalty, however, should look elsewhere for a more entertaining tournament.




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