Read Only Memories (PC) Review

By Izzy Lichi 16.12.2015

Review for Read Only Memories on PC

Read Only Memories is a point-and-click adventure game featuring a name-decided protagonist who gets enlisted by a humble blue sapient robot named Turing. In their wake, they must work together to discover the whereabouts of a friend gone missing, during the year of 2064, a time where technology has taken a very dark approach upon society. What will happen in the even more distant future? To put it in a recipe form: sheer and utter disappointment, mixed with offending anger.

Read Only Memories follows a very specific design look to emulate the visuals of the loved and popular Phantasy Star series, a classic RPG experience on the Mega Drive. However, this title manages to turn a classic look into a flashy pink mishmash of eye sore. Pixels that suggest shades and contrasts seem to do a decent attempt emulating three dimensional depth, but ultimately affect the gameplay itself, which is looking around examining objects and utilising them. One particular example is when a piece of technology must be examined to get access to a computer, but since the object is just a small collection of pixels, on top of a background of pixels, it is difficult to locate.

One of the main selling points is the well-known use of its multiple story arcs and endings. As expected, different endings are achieved through the many varied combinations of text dialogue selections and environmental interactions that are taken throughout the course of the investigation. The only real issue found here is simply that the player will have to re-watch most of the same cut-scenes to get a different ending, but each one is very rewarding to see, as they all feel unique and reflect the many choices made through each playthrough.

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Achieving the endings themselves is a rather diligent task. There are some scattered segments of actual gameplay, but very far and few. Mostly all the actual gameplay is examining objects and signs, and classic point-and-click progression. Unfortunately, the mechanics to clicking and selecting things is a wonky process; due to the heavily pixelated style of the game, clicking an object shows a number of sub-options that can be performed, such as look, touch or talk. The icons for these actions are also pixelated and, at times, blend in with the environment, making it unsure if it's possible to do that particular option.

Read Only Memories seems to be very open about judging player views. One particular instance comes to mind: when an NPC named "TOMCAT" must be searched for, and when approaching a cat hybrid character, asking if she is the "TOMCAT" NPC, she will outrage, completely offended and triggered, and name the player a bigot. Another instance that seems odd and off-throwing, is that the touch option is openly allowed on most NPCS; however, certain female NPCs don't seem to be allowed to be touched, despite it being perfectly allowed on all male NPCs. Read Only Memories is very inconsistent and otherwise selective on its own mechanics and features for no clear reason. The touch option will be completely absent with no rhyme or reason whatsoever, but it's mostly noticeable when involving female NPC characters.

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Rated 3 out of 10


Read Only Memories is a game that attempts to please and pander to a very specific audience, lacking in true diversification, and at the same time, provides a dull, and boring feel from start to finish. Visually, it takes a classic recognisable design, and makes it look as if created with software that could rival a default paint program. Being called a bigot is never entertaining, the basic procedure of pointing and clicking is executed painfully, the soundtrack, at times, is rather pleasing, but overall, this is a memory that no one will ever want to read. A finer example for those interested in a solid point-and-click adventure is Armikrog.





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