Tumblestone (PC) Review

By Brandon (Michael) Howard 10.07.2016

Review for Tumblestone on PC

Developed by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, the people behind the unusual puzzle-platformer The Bridge, Tumblestone is their next look at reinventing the puzzle genre. While their first title was moody, eerie, and quiet, Tumblestone is fast, bright and colourful. With a wide variety of modes and challenges available, it really rocks the competition.

Tumblestone looks like a very standard puzzle game at first glance. Multi-coloured blocks arranged in a grid certainly does evoke the notion of the standard "match three" style so common in budget puzzlers. Instead of interacting with the grid freely, however, only the pieces at the base of each column are available. As the character moves along the bottom of the grid, they can pull individual blocks down, and once they've matched three of the same colour, they all clear.

Limiting access to which pieces can be cleared might not seem unusual, but it opens up a lot of options for clever puzzle design. While it might be easy to clear a readily available set of green blocks at the beginning, it's entirely possible that one of those blocks is needed later on. Careful observation of each puzzle is required to avoid getting stuck on a certain set of blocks.

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The story mode offers a few twists on the basic gameplay, generally opting to switch up the gameplay through different conditions. Stones that block specific blocks, or blockers that appear on alternative moves, are just some that are encountered during the several hundred levels of story mode. While the story itself isn't particularly interesting, it works as a platform for delivering new challenges.

While the story mode is mainly focused on the more traditional aspects of puzzle solving, the arcade and multiplayer modes offer a completely different experience. The arcade mode offers a much faster paced option through the Heartbeat mode, where blocks need to be cleared quickly and efficiently to survive. There are other modes available for those looking for a longer challenge, either through infinite puzzling, or the more laid-back Marathon mode.

The multiplayer mode lets up to four players race to solve puzzles, and it's a seriously fun and cool idea. The tight controls and fluid movements make Tumblestone a great fit for multiplayer, and trying to best friends and random people online is sure to delight. It's hard to imagine a puzzle game that's more fit for multiplayer.

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Tumblestone is delightful and surprisingly addictive. The wide variety of challenges, all which subtly change the pacing of the game, make for an experience that doesn't really grow old. The story mode keeps things fresh with twists on the basic mechanics, and the arcade and multiplayer modes present fast-paced challenges that really test observation and decision making. No matter what experience puzzle-lovers are looking for, they'll probably find it in Tumblestone.


The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild


The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild





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