Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One (PlayStation 4) Review

By Josh Di Falco 05.02.2017

Review for Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One on PlayStation 4

Zen Studios' latest pinball entry is the next in the Star Wars series of tables. Rogue One retells the key plot points from last year's anthology film on the pinball table. Back in a big way, this singular table furthers the Star Wars brand on Zen Pinball 2. While not containing any mechanical changes to a pinball table, this is an exciting amusement park of fun that fans of Star Wars and pinball will love.

The crew members of Rogue One take centre stage on the table, with Jyn Erso front and centre. She also stands at the bottom right of the table, next to the plunger, while Orson Krennic stands opposite her, guarding the ball-locks. The entire table rests on the planet of Scarif, which, as franchise fans would know, is the Imperial planet that guards the Death Star plans. Overall, this table is laid out in a simple manner, with two rampways that surround the central part of the table, which contains the bumpers, and five buttons that spell out 'ROGUE.'

Hitting the bumpers is key to granting an extra ball down the track, where hitting them enough times causes the extra ball to appear in the sinkhole. Beyond the bumpers, are five buttons on the wall, which take turns in lighting up one at a time. Hitting these buttons permanently highlights that respective letter. Once 'ROGUE' is spelt out, the first mission plays out, which involves Jyn having to escape the Imperial prison transport. Upon completing the mission, hitting the 'ROGUE' buttons again initiates the second mission. In total, there are ten missions and an epilogue, which play out some of the key moments from the film.

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The letters are pretty easy to hit, as upon hitting the ball into that lowered platform, it will return to the table via the sinkhole, which conveniently places the ball into the path of the right flipper. Controlling the ball and aiming it back into the centre bit to strike the rest of the letters is an easy task once the rhythm of catching the ball has been learnt. However, the missions do require a certain amount of concentration, aiming and impeccable timing.

This table is quite easy to learn how to play the game, and it does not cause many lost balls down the side of the flippers, either. The table is quite open, which allows for plenty of free-flowing rallies that can rack up high scores, while the bumpers ramp up the point multipliers. The two main ramps plus the two harder-to-reach ramps represent a leg on the AT-ACT. Hitting the ball up each of these ramps causes a live version of the machine to appear in the table's centre where the bumpers used to be, beginning a mini-game of hitting the flashing button behind the walker to defeat it.

Krennic also stands at the back of the table, where hitting him causes the ball to get locked up. Completing this task two more times begins the multiball sequence, though aiming towards him is tough due to the ramp obstruction. The sinkhole also contains a Death Star mini-game, where the planet killer appears on the table in the centre, and must be rotated. Death Troopers can inhabit the map sometimes, while the Dogfights issue an off-table mini-game that involves destroying TIE fighters.

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The Rogue One edition of Zen Pinball 2 may not contain multiple tables, but the one that it does contain is a fun little excursion into an alternate Star Wars table. The open table leaves little room for forced errors, allowing for easy point multipliers and mission completion. Falling on the spectrum of one of the easier tables, this is a great way for newcomers to the pinball series to begin, while fans of Star Wars will find plenty of missions and mini-games here to let them relive the key moments from the Rogue One film. This great addition continues the trend of excellent tables that the developer has been creating.






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