Football Manager Touch 2018 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Adam Riley 16.04.2018

Review for Football Manager Touch 2018 on Nintendo Switch

Having spoken to Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson in the past, it is extremely apparent what respect him and the rest of the team has for Nintendo. However, despite that, sadly the inimitable football management series that began many moons ago as Championship Manager, now labelled as Football Manager, has never graced any Nintendo format. Until now, that is... as the streamlined edition, Football Manager Touch 2018, has just been released on Nintendo Switch following a surprise announcement. Has the wait been worth it?

Those wanting a quick answer to that question, it is a definite yes; a wholehearted recommendation right from the off. The Touch series has been a fantastic success, as have the mobile formats' versions in the past, with Cubed3 sometimes swaying to loving those more than the actual fully fleshed-out editions because of a deep fondness for the simplicity and addiction found back in the days of Championship Manager 2 and subsequent 96/97 and 97/98 updates. Yes, there is still some long-winded pre-season preparation to get the team ship-shape for the new year ahead, and menu upon menu might put some off, but the team has carefully mapped the controls to the Switch interface to make everything as slick as possible.

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Context-sensitive buttons, touch screen implementation, easy access to options, and more - this is as perfect an experience as could be expected for a first attempt on a Nintendo platform, easily surpassing the previous mobile editions, and equalling the latest Touch experience of the PC version. Statisticians will have a field day with the amount of information at their fingertips, being able to tweak contracts at the negotiating stage, adjust training regimes based on injury reports, and carefully monitor key talent worldwide with the in-depth scouting options on offer, giving true power to those at the helm (more details on various new additions to the 2018 version can be read here).

Those also wanting to see the action of matches right there with players running around on the pitch in 3D will be pleased to know that this aspect has made the transition intact. However, personally, being able to rip everything back to the sheer basics of commentary flash cards with player stats on-screen for current performance and stamina levels, with the odd suggestion from the coaching team mid-match when things are not quite going your way, is a blessing. Pure, unadulterated addiction is back! Battery packs at the ready, as nobody is going to want their Switch to run out of juice…

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It is finally here! The sublime addiction that is Sports Interactive's legendary simulation has blasted onto Nintendo Switch in fine form with Football Manager Touch 2018. There is more than enough depth included in the Touch series to make this perfect for those looking to delve into the intricacies of management either at home or whilst on the go, but also stripped back enough to appeal to the wider audience that lapped up earlier editions of the team's venerable series. As the Partridge would say, "Back of the net!"


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