Voxel Shot VR (PC) Review

By Greg Giddens 30.05.2018

Review for Voxel Shot VR on PC

There's certainly a market for the 'short but sweet' experience, and Voxel Shot VR caters to that market quite well. However, Voxel Shot VR's charming visuals and smart scenarios are compelling enough to impress, yet short enough to severely disappoint, marring the whole experience as a great idea left only half explored. Cubed3 tackles this virtual reality experience on HTC Vive.

One of the most remarkable things about VR is just how immersive it can be, despite unrealistic visuals. Voxel Shot VR's unsurprisingly voxel-based visuals are further evidence of that phenomenon. These Minecraft-esque zombies shamble around the environment groaning, their rectangular limbs reaching for flesh, and it's utterly convincing as a threat. Spinning around in a limited play-area, grabbing respawning guns and grenades, and wildly shooting and throwing them aside as their ammo runs out as you quell the threat, is delightfully frightening, engrossing, adrenaline-fuelled and fun.

Then more elements are thrown into the mix. Depending on the level, drones and helicopters hover overhead and fire missiles, tanks roll into view and chase you, trucks crash and change the environment, and boss zombies the size of buildings lumber down the street. Each of the four levels - not counting the tutorial or endless mode - provides something different, as well as an increased challenge. They also tell a short story through changes to the play environment, which helps immensely with immersion. Additionally, their unique setting, enemies, weapons, and mechanics work to provide a fresh experience over the last, and it's great.

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The easy level pits you against zombies on a city street as the street falls to the horde; meanwhile, the normal level puts you in a truck as it drives through a military camp. The two hard levels continue to deliver new scenarios. One places you in a sniper's nest at an airport with the task of protecting innocents that zombies mean to make a meal of. The other is a military base with military hardware to conquer with an assortment of powerful weapons. Additionally, the endless mode places you in a train station as countless zombies approach. It's a terrific variety of levels with their own unique elements.

Unfortunately, it's all over with incredibly quickly. Each level takes a mere couple of minutes to complete, other than the endless mode, of course, and despite these levels being impressively varied, exciting, and offering different levels of difficulty, it's crying out for more scenarios.

Replayability is largely limited to leaderboard chasing. Sure, there's some fun to be had revisiting the few scenarios on offer here but, as well designed as they are, they are so short. It's certainly not a bad thing to leave players wanting more but with content being so limited, it feels like a disappointing tease of what should be a much larger title.

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Cubed3 Rating

Rated 6 out of 10


Voxel Shot VR provides some splendid scenarios in this wave-based VR zombie shooter. Meanwhile, the bright colour palette and voxel visuals are charming, the frantic shooting, discarding of weapons, and environmental storytelling is immersive, and it culminates in a fun and exciting experience. However, it's all over with far too quickly.









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