Velocity 2X (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Athanasios 21.09.2018

Review for Velocity 2X on Nintendo Switch

Velocity 2X is basically Velocity... but with double the fun. The recipe, which is speed-running with a teleporting spacecraft, remains the same, but this time one can also do the same on foot. FuturLab proves its worth as a game developer a second time, by crafting a - mechanically - flawless title that is very entertaining, and which, like many indies before it, seems to have found its perfect home, in the Japanese bosom of the Nintendo Switch.

Kai Tana, who looks and acts as Samus Aran's less stoic cousin, is on a mission. What is this mission all about? Complete levels as fast as possible and collect crystals while at it. Oh, sure, there's definitely a plot here, and, fortunately, it's well-written, and told through a simple, unobtrusive, visual novel-esque style before each stage - but, hey! Be honest. No one really is going to buy the sequel to Velocity to enjoy its great storytelling.

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Velocity 2X has Kai Tana fly her hi-tech jet through a series of short-and-sweet levels; levels where one can get to shoot at stuff, collect stuff, and avoid stuff, but, mostly, teleport through… stuff. Even better, the perspective will soon shift to a 2D, Metroid-like platformer, with the heroine having to do pretty much the same thing: shoot, collect, avoid, teleport. In all honesty, though, there's not a single map in here that has something special about it.

Levels mostly revolve around using a newly introduced piece of tech. As such, they have a tutorial-like vibe, something greatly enhanced at how easy they seem to be, whether that's level #1 or #21. That's because Velocity 2X is mainly concerned with being a speed-running title. In fact, ticking all the available boxes (collect all items, and be very fast while at it) won't really trouble most people, as the real enemy is yourself, as beating your time turns out to be the biggest challenge.

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It's important to note that both "modes" are immensely fun - courtesy of the perfect controls, minimalistic art style and awesome sci-fi-fuelled OST, which either pumps you up, or makes you feel as if you are peacefully flying through space… but, to be honest, and like many others that tried doing two things at once, this leaves a somewhat bitter taste, as it will constantly make you think "Wow, these two-games-in-one would be much better if they actually were two separate titles!"

That's the main problem with Velocity 2X - it's an extremely well-designed piece of software that manages to reflect the developer's skill with the craft, but it makes people wonder what would happen if this was only focused on being either a fantastic vertical-shooter, or a fantastic 2D action-platformer. Instead, and like the equally enjoyable, and yet, at the same time disappointing indie, The Messenger, the end result is "just" very good.

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Those who don't really mind the focus on speed-running are generally going to enjoy this much more, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any issues in here, as well. One example is the Telepod ability that lets you leave a checkpoint that can be teleported back to, which adds a slight puzzle element; one that feels out of place, and ruins the adrenaline-pumping pace of it all, which, in the end, is what this is all about.

Now, aside from the aforementioned lack of a serious challenge, like with the original Velocity, this is best played in short bursts, as it can get very repetitive after a while. It's the typical lunch break videogame - something that helps you pass the time before doing something else. Of course, this also means that it has found its perfect home in Nintendo Switch, as you can now speed-run to your heart's content… anywhere!

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Rated 7 out of 10

It feels really, really good playing Velocity 2X, whether you fly the teleporting spaceship, or run with the teleporting heroine - and all the while a pretty catchy set of tunes bop along. On the… not so bright side, though, the action can get a tad repetitive, and, somehow, this heavy focus on speed-running sort of damages what seems like the groundwork for a much more meatier experience.




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