The Banner Saga 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Jamie Mercer 22.12.2018

Review for The Banner Saga 2 on Nintendo Switch

Like most good story trilogies, such as Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars (Episode I-III), the second instalment in the Banner Saga trilogy does a lot to further the plot and character development but is ultimately a stop-gap leading up to the finale. That's not to say it isn't executed very, very well, though. Here's a look at the Nintendo Switch version...

The Banner Saga 2 picks up directly after the heart-breaking choice the player must make at the culmination of the original. For those picking up the second game without playing the initial offering, firstly...good Lord, play them in order! Secondly, there is an option to recap the events of the first title even allowing gamers to make the final decision from the end chapter again to change the outcome, if the player wishes so.

On first glance, not much has changed. This still looks and sounds suitably epic, worthy of mention in the same breath as some of Disney's classic titles for the golden age of the House of Mouse. The story continues to tell the tale of a band of survivors struggling to continue living in a world where seemingly everything is against them,and provides some suitably satisfying set-pieces to satiate the appetites of adventure fans. One particular stunning scenario near the beginning of the journey sees Eyvind the mageusinghis abilities to create floating platforms as your caravan attempts to outrun an oncoming onslaught of Dredge.

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The start of the game gives players a glimpse into a new addition to the series, which is the ability to set up defences to prevent enemies from getting closer to playable characters. While this does add an extra stage to combat preparation, allowing one to position everyone in the best strategic position, it does feel like an extra step before getting into the hustle and bustle of combat. Pro tip: put barriers in front of long-range spell casters or archers to give them protection, while they do their thing. New classes, such as poets and Horseborn (think centaurs), add much-needed buffs and position management in battles too.

At its core, The Banner Saga 2 is still very much a decision-making simulator with a steady, if unspectacular, turn-based battle system to spice up the encounters, adding to the feeling of constantly needing to move to the next destination, or die on your feet with a great axe in your hands,so others may live. Players can carry over their save files from the previous game, with the levels, experience, and items accrued over it following the player over to the second, which is definitely a welcome touch.

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One of the complaints levelled at the original was that it was too easy to muddle through without paying attention to how much food or morale the caravan has. That is not the case here, thus people in your caravan will die of starvation, or seek greener pastures elsewhere. While the first game looks at the emerging threat and initial impact of the Dredge, the second one examines the influence that this menace has on society,and whether it's possible to keep a band of humans and Varl together while the world falls apart around them. While new additions such as classes and barricades are nice to have, at six to eight hours long, it is a bit on the short side for the asking price. The physical release of the Banner Saga Trilogy offers greater value for money.




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