Mochi Mochi Boy (PS Vita) Review

By Nayu 10.02.2021

Review for Mochi Mochi Boy on PS Vita

Mochi is a Japanese food that is invariably soft and made from finely-pounded rice, often with a variety of fillings. The protagonist of Mochi Mochi Boy, made by Ratalaika Games and Pixelteriyaki, isn't a blob of mochi, but rather a long tube. His brightly coloured friends who need rescuing from the devil on the other hand are definitely mochi blobs. Navigating Mochi Mochi Boy around the deceptively simple-looking mazes is harder than it looks what with obstacles in the way and special paths to take where in going on one square will make Mochi Mochi Boy appear at an entirely different point of the board.

There are hours of fun to be had with these colourfully whimsical characters. The Mochi Mochi Boy himself can have his colour changed at any time in the settings, and it is also possible to see the profiles of the mochi characters who need saving, all of whom have amusing one-sentence descriptions of their personalities.

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Mochi Mochi Boy is rather stress-free as Mochi Mochi Boy does not have any lives to lose himself, meaning that there is no penalty for failing a level. However, seeing Mochi Mochi Boy's friends gently up and down as if breathing as they sit at the side of the screen adds to the incentive to try harder and reach the end of the maze for their sake; and of course, there is always a sense of self-competitiveness spurring the player onto the next level. The game can be viewed as being simple but the levels gradually get harder and more time is needed to think through the best path out of the maze.

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Levels can be replayed at any time and are not timed. However, there is a timer with dungeon mode selected, where extra time increases when a friend is rescued. Both the joystick and the directional pad on the Vita can be used to control Mochi Mochi Boy, with the d-pad feeling more natural and easier to use since each move requires an input, rather than pressing and holding the d-pad continuously.

Screenshot for Mochi Mochi Boy on PS Vita

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Rated 8 out of 10

Mochi Mochi Boy is fun, stress-free, and a casual game to dip in and out of rather than one to play for hours at a time, unless one is immune to frustration and never needs a break from a tricky level, ever.




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