Mahjong Quest Expeditions (Nintendo DS) Review

By James Temperton 24.08.2008

For those of you that don't have a clue about what Mahjong is, allow us to explain. Basically it is a sort of solitaire puzzle game where you match up symbols on a big board. It might not sound that good, but we assure you, this is a seriously addictive format. This budget attempt, based on a downloadable PC title, takes the format, gives it a nice little package and presents it to you as a budget DS title.

Everything is pretty standard from the off. In the single player mode, you get your stacks of tiles and you have to remove them all two at a time. You can only move tiles if both are exposed and only then if they have a matching pair. It sounds vaguely complicated and fiddly, and to begin with it is. Once you get into it though you'll be knocking tiles off the board with remarkable speed. Just like it did to us, this game will start to eat away at you for 'just five more minutes'.

Whilst the menu system might be more complicated than a Rubik's Cube, once you get into the game it is really well put together. The twist this game offers to the tried and tested format is 'powered tiles'. Some tiles will explode other tiles, some are made of ice and some float away on balloons. It adds a nice extra dimension to the standard puzzle, but if you don't like all this new-fangled trickery you can simply play the classic mode.

Screenshot for Mahjong Quest Expeditions on Nintendo DS

What we don't like about this game is the menu. Yes it is a ludicrously cheap budget title, but this game feels needlessly cheap at times. Instead of words, all the menu buttons contain symbols. We have no idea what these symbols mean and so navigating through the menus is a bit of a lucky dip. It doesn't make any sense and is all terribly badly done. It really is a huge shame, as the puzzling is great and the sound and the visuals are pretty tight as well. The only other major problem with this game is seeing the symbols on the tiles. You'll need to have pretty sharp eyes to see some of the symbols on the tiny little tiles on the tiny little DS screen. Alas, this is an issue that plagues a lot of Mahjong titles, so we'll let the developers off a bit on that one.

Screenshot for Mahjong Quest Expeditions on Nintendo DS

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The oriental themes are a bit dodgy and the whole package does feel worryingly cheap, but what wouldn't expect too much more for the price point of this budget title. The gameplay is solid enough and if you like your Mahjong then this is a great option. Certainly not a classic, but excellent fun nonetheless.









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