Blasphemous 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

By Albert Lichi 19.08.2023

Review for Blasphemous 2 on Nintendo Switch

Blasphemous emerged from the hands of the Spanish game forge, The Game Kitchen. Unleashed onto the world by Team17, in month of September 2019, it thrusts players into a labyrinthine abyss. The tendrils of Spanish folklore and unholy devotion intertwine, birthing an intricate expanse of torment and shadow. All is cloaked in an arcane artistry, a uniquely unsettling visage that beckons The Penitent One into the void. Return to Cvstodia where the line between faith and blasphemy blurs, and the journey to redemption is shrouded in enigma in Blasphemous II.

Cvstodia is a sombre and melancholic land where the malevolent echoes of human transgressions have taken tangible form. The result is the enigmatic and dolorous phenomenon known as the "Grievous Miracle." This spectral metamorphosis has twisted the very essence of humanity, metamorphosing them into agonizing aberrations.
His path was fraught with peril, as he finds himself relentlessly pursued by zealous agents of the Church. These nefarious envoys are steadfast in their determination to ensure that The Miracle endures, for it grants them the unparalleled authority to harness its esoteric potency for their dark designs.
As the dawn breaks, Blasphemous II begins and The Penitent One emerges from slumber, burdened by the ceaseless pursuit of The Miracle. He embarks on a treacherous odyssey through a scorned land where he confronts monstrous adversaries who bar the path to his sacred mission: shattering the cycle's chains and claim ultimate redemption.

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The Penitent One, a valiant crusader, wields a divine arsenal imbued with holy power. This arsenal includes deadly prayer books, akin to magic or special moves, delivering formidable strikes. Additionally, the Penitent One's rosary can be adorned with a diverse array of beads, each offering passive bonuses to aid in battles.
The Penitent One's greatest tools are the three melee weapons he uses against the defiling hordes: The rapier and dagger combo for swift and vicious strikes, the medium spatha for those who miss the glory of the Mea Culpa's righteous balance of stats and, finally, an immense cudgel that makes the ground shake when it connects to the broadside of a vile zealot.
These three melee weapons are the main draw of Blasphemous II. They introduce much needed variety that its predecessor lacked. All three are necessary and come with unique abilities that vastly expand the Penitent One's mobility and can further open up the ever-expanding map. The rapier and dagger for example, are also used for air-dashing or teleporting. The cudgel will be used to smash certain obstacles. The Penitent One can only choose one of the three at first and later on acquires them all, allowing gamers to make a heavy choice early on that can affect the overarching journey.

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Unlike the first Blasphemous, the sequel is closer to being a metroidvania with a large, connected map, as opposed to linear areas that connect from a hub. Level design is more varied and playful with cheekily hidden areas that offer bonus challenges for anyone desperate enough to acquire more coin or upgrades to the Penitent One's repertoire. Blasphemous II isn't bogged down in tedious RPG trappings where stats matter. The gameplay leans on users mastering The Penitent One's prowess and reacting quickly. There is no "levelling up" to gain an upper hand; all players will have at their disposal is their wits and reflexes.
The relics grant players a sense of customisation, though the options may not be excessively radical. The Penitent One's fundamental playstyle remains that of a skilled warrior, but the range of customisation serves to provide players with some variation. Moreover, the customisation allows for tweaking strategies to tackle different challenges, perhaps even tempering the heat of intense boss battles.

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Blasphemous II shines in its impeccable art direction, earning resounding praise from all corners. Its imagery and visuals leave a profound impact, reminiscent of the masterful biblical paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, enveloped in a captivating pixel art style. The baroque art style is incredibly ornate and great care was put into making countless frames, so each character and object feels tangible with palpable verisimilitude.
Twisted figures and profane creatures are present, meticulously crafted to evoke both torment and disgust. The character animation exhibits an extraordinary level of detail, boasting fluid and natural gestures that add a layer of authenticity to the fantastical world. The artists of Blasphemous II devoted themselves to thorough research, ensuring an unparalleled level of authenticity in every aspect of the world and its inhabitants. Their labour of love has birthed a creation that commands pride and admiration.
Blasphemous II stands as an awe-inspiring masterpiece, offering a refreshing take on the metroidvania genre that sets it apart from its predecessor and improving upon it in every way. Its unique flavour and style add to its allure, captivating players from start to finish.

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While fans of character-building gameplay in souls-likes might find themselves yearning for more, those with a nostalgic fondness for Symphony of the Night will discover solace in this extraordinary experience, deemed by many as the pinnacle of its kind. Prepare to be mesmerized by Blasphemous IIs' mesmerizing imagery and the Penitent One's valiant crusade for purification. The frantic mix of weapon swapping and fast-paced exploration show that the developers learned a lot from their last game and have fully embraced the metroidvania formula.


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