DOOM: Hell Followed (PC) Review

By Athanasios 27.12.2016

Review for DOOM: Hell Followed on PC

Unto the Evil, the first multiplayer add-on of Doom, was not bad or anything, but it was also nothing special. It offered new maps, a new gun, a new item, a new demon to transform into, and, finally, a lot of new aesthetic unlockables. What does Doom: Hell Followed do? In all honesty, it just repeats the whole thing all over again.

Like the previous DLC, Hell Followed has three new maps for your fragging needs, and, like in the one before it, all of them both look and play good. Orbital is a relatively simple space station arena, with a nice "outdoor" low gravity region; Argent Breach is a visually fantastic and complex dark cathedral kind of level that looks like the lovechild of Dark Souls and Doom. The third one, Molten, is the simplest of the bunch; just a lava-themed installation of no importance.

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As for the new gear, first we have the Reaper, a hellish weapon that looks like Doom 64's Unmaker, and which rapidly shoots six bullets, and comes with a nice charged shot attack. The new item is the Threat Pulse that, when it gets activated, highlights enemies within one's radius. Finally, the new demon is our loving flying meatball, the Cacodemon, which has a hallucinogenic plasma ball spit, as well as a tongue-grab move.

Of course, and like with the previous DLC, you get new hack modules, new taunts, new colours, and new armour sets. In conclusion, Hell Followed is pretty much the same deal all over again; good, but nothing to write home about, and, once again, a bit too expensive for what it has to offer… which is a shame when you think about it, because the free updates were far better than all of these.

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Doom: Hell Followed is, once again, a small, yet quite nice, addition, but, at the same time, a bit disappointing. It's good, but, undoubtedly, not a must-have, and, more importantly, the price doesn't exactly feel right.




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