Final Fantasy XV (PlayStation 4) Preview

By Drew Hurley 26.09.2016

Review for Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy XV definitely had the best booth at this year's EGX in Birmingham's NEC, hosted by Eurogamer. Square Enix brought real live chocobos to the event…well, kind of. Alright, it wasn't actually massive real-life creatures, but mere actors dressed up in quite impressive costumes. However, it was still a great spectacle, and almost made up for the two-hour wait to get hands on with the latest in the immensely popular RPG series. Following a look at the pre-release movie event, Kingsglaive, it was time to try out the hotly tipped RPG adventure itself.

For those who managed to overcome that two-hour wait, a timed 30 minutes with the title was available. This was billed as the final version of the game and the hands-on session was from a save file a little while into the first chapter. Those who expressed concerns based on the Platinum Demo, rest assured that those concerns seem to have been heard and addressed. The adventure feels more polished and the combat much improved.

Screenshot for Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4

This overhaul to the combat makes it faster and smoother, and now the party works together as a unit in combat and combo'ing attacks together feels natural. The thirty minute time limit gave a bit of freedom on what to do in the world, so the majority of the time was spent playing with the newly improved combat system, taking on a small side-quest to lower the cost of repairs to a car, and then setting up camp.

The camping system has been improved, too; Ignis has a cooking skill and is able to whip up different dishes for the party, which gives stat bonuses. Prompto also uses the opportunity to show off some of the photos he has been taking. Since there is no screenshot or photo mode in-game, this takes its place. They are randomly taken, which is both a negative and a positive. It would be nice to be able to take some shots, but the method of looking through and not knowing what you're going to find is actually a pleasing touch.

Screenshot for Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy XV has been a very long time coming and it's finally almost here. This most recent glimpse into what is being delivered has alleviated a lot of initial worries from previous demos, but it's still not perfect. With the live presentation from Square Enix fatally crashing, there were also big concerns for the parity between the PS4 and Xbox One versions, with the PS4 edition looking far superior. Just two months to go until the final product finally reaches players' hands…


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I've heard things are looking a lot better after the delay, although the camera is apparently still crap. I thought the first demo was alright, but then the Platinum Demo ruined it for me - really put me off the thing again.

I don't get why Square still seems to have a problem with hair tho - the dithering is ugly as hell, which has been the case since the FF13 trilogy. Surprised it's not being addressed here.

Anyway, we'll see. I'm still not convinced by this game, and I'm still far more hyped for FF7R than this, despite how long away it is, but I do hope it turns out good. I just have this feeling it's not going to be all we hope it is, but my expectations are pretty low, so maybe I'll be surprised when it comes out.


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