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By Athanasios 24.10.2017

Review for Closers on PC

After releasing Kritika Online for Western audiences, En Masse Entertainment is doing so all over again for another free-to-play, online hack 'n' slasher. Closers has been available in Asia for a few years, but, unlike Kritika Online, this has currently entered a closed alpha phase. Cubed3 enters its monster-filled streets to take a small first glimpse at it.

Closers Online is a 3D online brawler/hack 'n' slash game, where all the necessary monster slaying takes place in small instances. Of course, like with Kritika Online, while this is marketed as an MMO, it's not one. Sure, you can play with your online buddies, but don't expect it to actually feel that massive any time soon. The good news is that, again, similar to Kritika Online, this doesn't constantly make you feel like you need to spend any real money on it, as most of the things hidden behind a paywall are decorative, or boost items that let you level up a bit faster, without it meaning that doing so the normal way is more hard than it needs to be.

It's still a repetitive grind, though, as most of the titles that belong in this particular genre often tend to be, especially since most missions sort of "must" be replayed again in all difficulty modes. Thankfully, levelling up a character and customising his or her equipment feels quite rewarding, as there's plenty of things that can be done. Furthermore, the cast of characters is quite diverse, although every single one is a specific hero/heroine with a predetermined look.

Screenshot for Closers on PC

Make no mistake, though; it all boils down to repetitive and somewhat simplistic hack 'n' slash, so if that's not your cup of tea, better stay away from this. Note that PvP is completely different to the core game, as, instead of instances where you kill mobs, it all becomes a MOBA-esque kind of duel between two teams.

Finally, from a purely technical aspect, Closers Online's cel-shaded anime visuals look great, albeit somewhat dated. One thing that's worthy of note is that, compared to most online titles, and especially action-focused ones, this focuses quite a bit on its storytelling, with its many dialogue sequences even being fully voiced. Too bad the plot itself isn't worth the trouble, as it feels like your run of the mill save-city-from-monsters anime, involving the use of the obligatory team of gifted superhuman teenagers.

Screenshot for Closers on PC

Final Thoughts

There's nothing bad about Closers Online, but, currently, there's also nothing that fantastic that's worth noting. For the most part, this is a very decent online hack 'n' slasher that's better than others on some fronts (skill and equipment customisation, for example) and just… okay in some others.




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