Tech Up! HyperX Cloud II Core Wireless Gaming Headset

By Lilly Kirchner 03.03.2024

HyperX, which is a part of HP Inc, has been developing gaming accessories and equipment for very long time. Selling over 20 million of their gaming devices, headsets, keyboards and microphones worldwide (as quoted on their about page). Cubed3 has been provided with the new HyperX Cloud II Core Wireless Gaming Headset - how does it hold up?

It is not uncommon that packaging of items can make the difference in buyer behaviour - after all, the majority of humankind is very visually coded, and there must be a reason that companies readily spend lots of money to research package design. When it comes to the box for the HyperX Cloud II Core Wireless Gaming Headset, this seems to have been money well spent. The design looks professional in the main colours of black with red, it looks modern and lists the most important features of the headset. Once opened, it is clear that the space is utilised in a very effective manner. The headset is immediately visible, and underneath a cardboard flap every other included item can be found. It looks quite neat and organised, which makes a great first impression.

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Starting with the look, the headset looks simple and unassuming, coming in black with only the red 'X' motif on the earpiece. This allows for a professional look, but otherwise could come across as a tad boring - it really depends on whether one prefers this type of style or not.

Immediately, it becomes clear that there is no visible microphone attached. That is because the microphone is detachable, and can be plugged in on a need-to basis. This has the advantage that the headset is minimally lighter when used for listening only, and that a replacement microphone can be ordered in the case of loss or damage. On the other hand, this means that, if one prefers to use the headset without a microphone sticking into the face, the mic must be stored somewhere separately and is easy to lose. The microphone itself comes with a foam cover to reduce popping sounds, and it is also slightly bendy, allowing for ideal placement for any face. The microphone picks sound up very clear and crisp - including background noise, as well.
Popping the headset on, one is immediately pleasantly surprised by how light the headset feels. It fits very comfortably covers the ears, and of course the headband can be expanded to accommodate larger heads if needed. The lightness is definitely a big plus, allowing it to be worn for hours on end. The only downside is that the control buttons are a little difficult to find when feeling around for them; there's a power button, a microphone mute button and a volume wheel.

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While the two buttons do feel different, they are a bit small, making it harder to find them. The mute button especially could be improved by including a tactile indicator of whether the mic is muted or not - as of right now, there is no way to tell whether the mic is muted or not by the feel of the button.
This type of headset relies on a wireless 2.4Ghz connection via a USB stick that can be plugged into a console or PC. This means it is not possible to use it on handheld devices or machines without a USB port, unless an adapter is available. As such, it is an at-home kind of device, and there is no use in carrying it for on-the-go playtime or music.

Unfortunately, this headset isn't a simple case of plug-and-play - in fact, the instructions for setup have to be followed very carefully and it seems necessary to have access to a PC in the first instance. The instructions do an adequate job of explaining the setup process, but it wasn't as straightforward as hoped and took a few attempts before it finally connected. Another downside is that for the pairing of headset and USB stick, a small pin-like object is needed to reset the USB stick, similar to that used on many smartphones to open the SIM card compartment. Not everyone necessarily has one of those readily lying around, and it was a bit of a downer having to look for one such item before being able to experience the new headset. It would have made sense to send the devices out being already paired.

Moving on to the most important part - the sound - the headset does a great job of providing a clear and crisp listening experience. Nothing is too loud or too quiet, everything is mixed in a very comfortable balance. Unfortunately, however, the headset is not very noise-cancelling. Outside noise is dampened a little bit by the ear cups, but not very much compared with headphones that use ANC.

Testing the headset, it came in handy for both playing games and work video calls, therefore allowing for a variety of uses.

Rated 7 out of 10

Very Good - Bronze Award

Rated 7 out of 10
The HyperX Cloud II Core Wireless Gaming Headset has a lot going for itself. It is comfortable, the sound is great and it comes in handy for both leisure (AKA gaming) and work. There could be a few improvements but overall, it works very well and is an adequate piece of equipment to enhance both gaming and work.

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